while ripping strips of fabric for future quilts, i was quite taken with the varied strata, and since i have inherited more fabric that i could possibly ever use up by sewing, i figured that as part of my nebulous future installation – Fabric and Time, i could have large fabric wall panels of stacked, unmarred fabric, that could, should needs be, be unframed and sewn for multiple quilts. my first stack was oblong, and completed in the fall of 2019. it was precarious to hang, being very heavy, so i opted to hang it vertically. my next two stacks were roughly the same size, but more squarish, and these included both rolled up fabrics, and other fabric scraps, to beef up the texture. i really liked the effect, and the two square ones stack nicely together (and were included in issue #51 of uppercase magazine!). they are about 18.5″ square and 5″ thick, made with scrap pine boards, and cotton, some staples and wood glue for the box. since these were completed i have been scaling them waay down to much smaller stacks, mostly from the scraps generated from making these stacks! the small ones range in size from 1.5″ to 5″ (approximately) and they are for sale!

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