Animation (and video)

I had long been fascinated with animation before i made my first proper animation, Dawn of the Pixies in 2004. I made the entire animation pretty much in Photoshop, then edited things together in Final Cut. These days i have a bunch of different processes to draw from, whether practical animation captured using Dragonframe, rotoscoping video (both hand drawn and digitally hand drawn), or basic boils and motion graphics…. but I do still love what I can do in Photoshop!

Also, I have a soft spot for timelapse video.

Lake Shorts
Tantramar Revisited
Pretty Birds
the hook
Colourful Language
Swan Pond
M'beep Eep Yeah
The Stickman
Say Cheese
Dawn of the Pixies

Animated GIFs

I really like making simple loops and boils. Just bringing something subtly to life is often enough for me.

Commissioned works

Once in a while, an artist will approach me to help them make some moving pictures.

Lullaby for NB
Clouds for Jillian
Jim and B.A. tour


Some other short, odd animations i have made.

Self Portrait
CD release
Animating with Caleb, my nephew when he was five. he drew the backdrop, i cut out the dinos and animated 'em
miniatures in motion

These guys were little animations i made as separate channels for a digital TV that I had made for a past iteration of my website; the channel surfin’ monkey… some of the links still work (but no guarantees!)

also, they are tiny… and there used to be sound, but those links are kaput.

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