Blind Drawings

If you draw with your eyes closed, not only are the results fascinating, but you have a great excuse if they don’t turn out! I do the initial ink drawing blind, then I added colour or shading and text with my eyes open!

below are several galleries of different blind drawing projects.

Blind Barneys & Blind Billies

I made a set of artist trading cards of my schnauzer Billie, then when Barney came along, i did some larger portraits of him.

Blind Postcards

While visiting my parents in Mississippi in 2010, at the end of the day i would close my eyes and draw out some of the visual impressions of the day, then open my eyes and fill in the colour, and added the lettering. I did the drawings on scraps of recycled cardboard, and mailed them out as postcards to friends back home… waste not, want not!

Blind Fantasies

Very briefly, I was taking part in an internet drawing club, with monthly theme prompts. These are the surreal results. The first two I digitally inverted, because I knew I wanted them on solid black (but didn’t have the patience to do that much inking!), so I was sure to colour them in the opposite palette for reversal.

Blind Thanksgiving

Here is a series I made on Thanksgiving 2010, uncoloured, just capturing the day in small ways.

Blind Susans

Another set of blind-drawn trading cards

Eyes Open Drawings

When I’m not making blind drawings, I make these sorts of drawings (yes, I consider collage a form of drawing, i guess.).


Sometimes I make a collage or two… here are some samples.

Fabric and Thread

Although these are animated, I also consider them drawings – but with fabric and thread. I plan on making an animated work about my mother using these techniques and more.

a miscellany

Here is a mish-mash of some old drawings!

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