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I made my first proper quilt in 2009, with Sprawl. I have made quite a few quilts since then, my preference is to make my own creations, but i’m also willing to try my hand at following someone else’s instructions from time to time.

In 2011 while finishing up the interior surfaces of my newly constructed studio, I made a scrappy mosiac tiled entryway. Some friends called it a tile quilt… so I’ve included it on this page! It was made with lots of recycled, reclaimed, discontinued tile samples, and planning. One of the hardest jobs I’ve ever had! (but I don’t regret a second of it!)

I also spent an entire summer designing and constructing a set of matching studio tables with drop leaf wings and storage. I made them out of pine, birch plywood, and some recycled oak for the laminated trim + pegboard and loads of hardware (hinges and wheels). They’ve got lots of adjustable storage space, too. These are a wonderful and sturdy upgrade from the white pressboard tables I inherited from my mom! She would be so impressed, I’m sure!

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