I like to make sculptural work that has animated qualities… I also like flowers… and recycled materials… here’s the synthesis of all that…
well, a drop from that bucket perhaps. I have more than a few of these babies kicking around. A few years ago I finally build a display case (pictured above) for my flowers to live in between sales.

background for the curious: In 2006 or thereabouts, I wanted to somehow recreate the daisies blowing in the strong Sackville winds, using recycled materials. In 2004-2005 between sheltering some musicians and getting to know my first guitar, there were now broken and old guitar strings in my life. I also had a plethora of springs from other machines and gadgets I had dismantled. After trying a few different materials for the flowers, I found the best media was flat and often colourful plastics from soap bottles and the like that i had been making guitar picks from! Happily, as a side note, since beginning this lovely journey, my button collection has also blossomed!

Some of the flower sculptures are quite special to me, like this one I made after my mother died in 2013. I asked the crematorium to give me her spare parts – morbid, perhaps… but when your mom’s two favourite sayings were ‘waste not, want not” and ‘it never hurts to ask’, you can’t not get someone to dig her old replacement hip out of the ashes, right? and so, with her titanium hip joint as the base and the lovely turquoise plastic containers hospitals issue for denture wearers, a few buttons from her collection, and a bag of used guitar strings from Tony’s Music Box (thanks guys) i made this bouquet the week after she died.

Thanks mom!

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