in 2021, i made it my mission to spend as much time as possible in Silver Lake, our local old mill pond in Middle Sackville. I absolutely love swimming, having grown up just a block away from a lake in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. The pandemic had kept me from swimming at all in 2020, so i felt i had to make up for lost time… and it was a great opportunity to spend time with friends safely outdoors (all of us vaccinated!!!), as well as an inspiration for some art projects! I started swimming on June 7th, and after a few weeks of getting my swim legs back, i was able to make it out to the middle of the lake, where a homemade flag platform was anchored, marking the 500m distance from shore. of course, inevitably, i fell in love with the structure. and on the morning of my 100th consecutive swim, i completed this miniature tribute to the summer… or swummer, i a called it.

of course, as with most things i make, it is almost entirely made from recycled materials: silk blouse, old pens, popsicle sticks, pogo sticks, and a few other scraps of wood from ye olde reno, and a bit of string, plus a little glue here and there and a dab or two of nail polish.
i am contemplating making some even smaller platforms to sell, but this one, my souvenir, stands 8.5” tall on a 4.5” square base
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