In 2014 I decided to experiment by combining my dimensional Fabric flowers, my baby limb mountings, and my bouncy flower sculptures. The result was these three wall works.

When they all sold, and I received a request to make more, I made a large new batch, and came up with a proper name for them. Equilimbria. Its part pun, part explanation.. I see these as embodying the whole beautiful life experience, birth and death. The baby arm looks like it may beginning the birthing process, the flowers growing out of the digits imply death. So the birth/death balance (equilibrium) pluralized (equilibria) + limb and I thought i was making up a new very punny/arty word, but then I found online that there is a theory of rapid species evolution called punctuated equilimbria. neato!

Whatever is left of the collection below is currently for sale in at visitor’s in saint john, NB.

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