In 2011, I had finished building my studio, so I finally washed the mortar, drywall and sawdust from my hair, put away my jeans and declared every wednesday to henceforth be known as ‘blingy wednesday’… and so Sweetest Little Bling was born unto the world. The gold dollar sign was some fancy confetti I saved from a friend’s birthday party a few years earlier and put on a little scrap of chain, and the long spinal spring came out of something I took apart at some point (my memory has it’s limits!), set into a red synthetic cork and a wooden bottle cap of some sort.

Sweetest Little Thing is an annual Valentines day art auction in Sackville NB, in support of both the Owens Art Gallery (where it’s held) and Struts Gallery and Faucet Media Art Centre. Locally, it’s a fun, family friendly party (replete with a cakewalk), but even if you are from afar, you can participate by submitting you high bid online, and have proxy bidders win that art for you, you lovers of art!

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