This is my 2006 Sweetest Little Thing submission – Sweetest Little Travelling Stage Show. This was the first set of wiggly teeth i ever made. This same year I was starting to experiment with repurposing electronic elements from children’s toys, so this had a light you could turn on with a button. Aside from the cardboard box i used as the structure and a little paint, all the other elements are recycled (fabric, wood, plastic, metal).

Sweetest Little Thing is an annual Valentines day art auction in Sackville NB, in support of both the Owens Art Gallery (where it’s held) and Struts Gallery and Faucet Media Art Centre. Locally, it’s a fun, family friendly party (replete with a cakewalk), but even if you are from afar, you can participate by submitting you high bid online, and have proxy bidders win that art for you, you lovers of art!

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