wedding invitation found design cut into soft rubber, & hand printed.this version was scanned and type added as an electronic version for email.

a friend had hip replacemnt surgey, this was her get well card. built in quark, printed in colour.

I cut a multitude of different flower perspectives and sizes and stamped these on used paper using regular stamping inks, stems added with my pilot g-tec c4 (best pen ever made)

I bought the cards at a thrift shop, cut paper from an old dictionary (to cover the existing image) and printed more flowers on them.

i have long had a
problem with the
greeting card industry -
what do you get for five
buck plus tax? some
tired sentiment mass
produced and bound
straight for the trash

some of these cards are
designed for specific
people, others are blank
note cards with a hand
stamped front using
second hand paper