cutting (stills only)
2min 30 sec - july 2009 - hand rotoscoped + digital

colourful language (this a youtube link)
3min 30 sec - july 2008 - hand eco-processed 16mm + digital

pinocchio (coming soon to a festival near you... i hope)
9 min 20 sec - may 2008 - digital collage animation
for now though, you can view the four-part, full-length youtube documentation of the premier live performance at the Sackville Music Hall... i inset the animation over the video, so it's really small... also, there is extensive periods of looping animation one might find boring, but i was unable to animate for the entire 25 minutes of the musical work, but there is a 2-3 minute non-looping story based sequence in each part, but you might have to wait for it. (i recommend the HQ)

the making of pinocchio (this a youtube link)
2008 - timelapse video

dead lighters (this a youtube link)
2007 - timelapse video

springs strings and a mechanical thing documentation
august 2007 - video

swan pond
2 min 24 sec - april 2007 - digital stop motion collage

the stick man
2 min - july 2006 - digital stop motion collage

m'beep eep yeah
1min 30 sec - march-july 2006 - super8 digital sandwich

say cheese
1min 50 sec - march 2005 - super8 stopmotion incamera edit

dawn of the pixies
1 min 45 sec - november 2004 - digital stop motion collage

a miscellany from 2009

artist trading cards from 2009

exhibition: garden of earthly detritus
august 2009, struts gallery's living is easy.

sprawl - a quilt 2009

exhibition: starlite drive-in
january 2009, owen's art gallery what's in a frame .

flowers - 2008

exhibition: springs strings and a mechanical thing
august 2007, struts gallery's living is easy.

sweetest little things - 2005-2009

a miscellany of stuff - 2006-2007

quilt designs for my mom




studio tour