some art and animation and other stuff by tara k wells

Sweetest Little Things

2014's Sweetest Little Boy Band.

in early 2013 i was doing some illustrations of sugar skulls for a client and was inspired to take my teeth in a new direction. Sweetest Little Calavera.

2012 - i made a wee knight in shining armour. i also made a sea captain on a wobbly wee round boat, but i kept him for myself.

2011 - the sweetest little bling (photo courtesy of the Owens Art Gallery)

2010 - spin and grin - old camera lens motor fixed to a set of wiggly teeth made from dead lighters set into an old drink coaster that i fashioned little legs for... and a touch of red vinyl scraps for seasonal decor... push the button and watch 'em spin.

2009 and 2008 respectively.

in 2007, i happened to make two works for the auction. the baby foot was my first of many coaster-mounted tattoo'd limbs. i also learned not to put magnets near motors that year, as the smoochers love soon fizzled out. sorry jim.

in 2006 i made my first set of wiggly teeth... they made me laugh so much i had to put them on a stage... and make audience controlled lighting.

2005 marked my first miniature, and my first submission to the auction.
i still have this work in my collection, as my darling husband won this back for me since he thought i should hold on to it.